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    Westchester County Custom Cabinets & Vanities

    We can help build Custom Cabinetry, Vanities and Bathroom Storage Solutions.

    In every bathroom remodeling project, there are limitless options to explore. The opportunity to customize and design bathroom cabinets and vanities tailored to your habits and use is not one that should be overlooked.

    Do you need some extra storage space under your sink or a more accessible cabinet layout?

    Are you looking to install a new ergonomically designed vanity? If you’ve been in an older home’s bathroom recently, you likely noticed that the counters and vanities are lower than they would be in a modern bathroom. Comfort height, as it is called, is the new standard. We take on jobs to update the height of counters, vanities and fixtures quite frequently. Especially for taller folks or aging homeowners. A comfort height upgrade can make a real difference.

    Cabinet modifications are also very popular, from cabinet refinishing to repositioning and reconfiguration and cabinet re-purposing. We love helping homeowners re-work their existing cabinets to create new solutions. Of course, we can help with custom construction and out-of-the-box installation of store-bought cabinets and vanities too.

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      Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

      Bathrooms are the most commonly remodeled room in the house. They are the most practical room to renovate as no other room is used more. Few other rooms have the power to brighten and lighten ones mood than a well designed, appointed and laid out bathroom.

      Bathroom remodeling projects refresh the homes they are in. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, there are many trends already taking shape for 2020; from bold, durable countertops to the use of screen light on to the bold neutral color palettes that are most popular this year. Have you heard anyone say black is the new gray?

      Westchester County Custom Cabinets & Vanities

      Bathroom remodeling projects are exciting, there are limitless options that can be explored. Our designers, contractors and project managers will work along with you in the planning and design phase and provide some useful feedback and encouragement on your ideas. When it comes time to select materials and products, we can assist you in choosing those items that will make your bathroom renovation a long-term success.

      Our experienced project managers and professional technicians will give you peace of mind as we work through each step of the remodeling process.

      Custom Vanities

      The size, layout, and usage of your bathroom are factors that play a significant role in the selection or design of your vanity. For instance, a makeup vanity may need to offer more convenient access than one that is used primarily as a storage cabinet. Perhaps you want to have a floating vanity installed to give your bathroom a neater, more open look while maximizing floor space?

      At Westchester Bathroom Remodeling, we provide several design options for each project for our clients’ consideration. There are always a few different right answers in construction. For instance, we usually recommend a comfort height bathroom vanity 36″ high standard. This height matches the height of kitchen countertops and by raising the height of your vanity, your sink and countertop are also heightened for an ergonomically enhanced ease of use. Little tweaks like height, depth and drawer placement make all the difference in the long run.

      Once you’ve selected your preferred options, we can quickly and efficiently install your customized vanity within the exact parameters that you’ve given us. We are confident that our exceptional craftsmanship and world-class customer service will leave you with the bathroom of your dreams.

      Premier Bathroom Cabinets

      The term “vanity” refers to a cabinet that is attached to the bathroom sink in some way. Modern bathroom vanity trends have turned the vanities of yesterday on their heads.

      Today we meet with homeowners in Westchester who see their master bathroom as their personal space. No kids, no mess, just them in a private spa-like sanctuary of their own creation– the master bathroom is their space where they can unplug, relax, and grab a moment all to themselves.

      But what about homes that don’t have a master bath or homeowners looking to remodel a more public bathroom. The rules don’t change; if you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom or even thinking of only making a few minor changes, the bathroom vanity is a great place to start. An updated vanity will make a big difference in a bathroom of any size in terms of decor and functionality.

      But what if you need some extra storage space in your bathroom, separate from your sink? Well, then you need cabinets. If that’s the case, our team can help. Whether it’s a small bathroom or a spacious one, we will design, build, and install high quality, customized cabinets according to your needs.

      From compartments designed to hold towels to storage space for cleaning agents, we guarantee that our cabinets will meet all of your remodeling requirements. And whether it’s a classic wood finish or some other patina, our cabinets will always enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

      Pre-Assembled Bathroom Vanities

      If you are looking for ‘quick and easy’ in vanity installation, then look no further. Our bathroom remodeling services are flexible. Need a small team for a simple install? We have you covered. We can help with selection, installation and finishing.

      Need help finding the perfect pre-assembled vanity? We curate an extensive selection of pre-assembled bathroom vanities for your consideration. If you spot a cabinet or vanity that would be an unbeatable match for your bathroom renovation project, then we can help source items as well.

      If you can’t find the right vanity for your home bathroom and personal needs – no worries, we can build it. We have true craftsman on staff and we love to give them opportunities to show off thier talents. For true wood workers nothing is as exciting as truly custom wood crafts like custom cabinets, storage, furniture or vanities.


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      Bathroom Vanity Trends

      Floating Vanities

      Floating vanities work in both single and double configurations and have become very popular since restaurants starting installing them in the early 2000s. Now we are beginning to install them in private homes and its a win on space, function and design. They are visually attractive, ergonomic and judicious with limited space.aOne of the great things about these vanities is that the height can be adjusted easily. Many of these vanities are so stylish they could be mistaken for artwork as they are each sleek and refined.

      Open Shelving & Cabinets

      Vanities with open facing shelving have been steadily growing in popularity for years now. Homeowners love the open shelving for both its functionality and style. Open shelving can make your bathroom space look bigger, luxurious, and spa-like (imagine your bathroom with big plush folded towels in view).

      Open shelving is often seen as being friendlier and more inviting, as well. Not to mention that open shelving on a vanity will always help make the bathroom space look bigger.

      If you are looking to make a smaller bathroom look bigger and add little details to bring in the feel of a spa – open shelving at the base of your vanity may be a great option for your project.

      Vessel Sinks

      We are seeing more and more homeowners choose vessel sinks when space allows. These sinks have been gaining well-deserved popularity for years now, and we think we know why. These sinks give a bathroom a unique look, quick and easy.

      Have you seen a stone vessel sink paired together with metal or a copper sink sitting atop a stone counter? It is unique, this is something you can have some fun with too. They do add a unique flair to a room and effortlessly become the focal point a bathroom.

      Open Bottom Vanities

      Gone are the days of the old vanity cabinets that go from the sink to the floor with drawers. Now, the preference for homeowners here in Westchester is for an open bottom vanity. These new bottomless vanities add the illusion of space and also tend to make the bathroom look and feel far less cluttered and crowded.

      Marble and Quartz Sinks

      White marble or similar quartz sinks are on-trend, as they are so light and bright they help make the bathroom feel fresher.

      This style seems to work with almost every vanity color. The marbles’ smoother design adds spa-like qualities to the area. When partnered with custom cabinets, stone countertops can be cut for perfect fitment and genuinely personalized look and feel.

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