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    Eastchester Hallway Bathroom

    For this project, our team of bathroom designers worked with the homeowner to determine the best design approach for this smaller “hallway bathroom.”

    As with any smaller bathroom remodeling project, space was limited, and of course, the homeowners hoped to achieve a more spacious feel from the bathroom. We pulled out every trick in the design book as we worked with them to achieve the look feel and function they wanted from the bathroom. To help bring their vision into reality, our team borrowed from ergonomic and modern design principles.

    First, we converted the existing shower into an open concept shower. This helped bring the eye line through the shower and gave an immediate boost to the perceived space of the bathroom. The owner chose a marble bench, saddles, and sill.

    Then in the shower, we added a large wall to floor tile. Using a 33% brick lay pattern, we were able to keep the eye line in motion. This pattern helps achieve a modern look while also remaining minimalist in theme – the clean finishes used all help add to the spa-like feel the owner wanted.

    Then we went with a floating vanity – again to add the illusion of space and maintain a clean eye line from the door to the shower. The vanity was a re-built unit from Empire Industries Vanity who also supplied the vanity top.

    We worked with Best Plumbing out of Scarsdale, NY for all required plumbing items and Creative Tile out of Ridgefield, CT for all the tile.

    When all was said and done, when you stand in the “small” “hallway bathroom,” you quickly forget the size of the room and for the homeowner, this was the exact feel they were going for.

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    Westchester bathroom remodeling
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    Small Bathroom Remodels

    Homeowners often come to us with the idea that remodeling their small bathroom will be a…smaller project. Make sense; less space should take less work, right?

    We get it, it makes sense you can easily imagine that remodeling a small bathroom—one that is no more than 50 square feet —will be faster, easier, and much less technical than remodeling a large bathroom.

    Our clients are often surprised to hear that in reality, smaller bathroom remodeling jobs are only a little bit faster, a little bit easier and when it comes to price again, only a little bit less expensive. Why then they ask? Well the truth is a small bathroom, just like a large bathroom has all the same elements and the work of remodeling the space calls for all the same professionals, fixtures, tiles and finish work, but just a little less.

    The small bathroom project featured on this page was one of our more popular projects when new customers ask to see past projects. The bathroom is a reasonable size and the homeowners hit the mark. They took our design team’s suggestions and came away with a stand out bathroom.

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