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    Fairfield Connecticut Bathroom

    While we work primarily in Westchester County, throughout the years, we have completed several bathroom renovations in Fairfield County. One of our favorite Fairfield County bathroom renovations was done in a home in Ridgefield.

    We should note, the bathroom renovation was part of a complete home renovation. The entire house was gutted down to the studs and an addition was created at the back of the house.

    With the Ridgefield home renovation came a brand new bathroom with custom cabinetry and flooring throughout the home, all rescued old barn wood. Talk about a one-of-a-kind home renovation!

    We refurbished the barn wood and custom-built mirrors, vanities, cabinets, flooring, wall paneling, and all the home’s doors.

    In the bathroom, we used the barn wood to build the mirrors, the vanity counter and the flooring. The addition of this repurposed wood added a unique feel to the home and every project completed within it.

    The wood really brought the house and bathroom to life, giving it the warmth only real wood can and the history of its ancient roots; we mended the old and the new material to create a fresh, cohesive appearance for the home and bathroom.

    Project Highlights

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    Backsplash Installation


    Bathtub Installation


    Toilet Installation


    Tile Flooring



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    Green Home Design and Green Remodeling

    We love bringing the vision of our customers to life while upholding our core values of maintaining an environmentally conscious build. During this Ridgefield CT bathroom remodeling project we did just that through the use of repurposed material.

    Salvaged, upcycled, recycled, reclaimed whatever you want to call it – we like it! Anytime we can reduce the impact our construction has on the environment, we will. We do everything we can to remain environmentally conscious throughout all our work. We take every opportunity.

    We are excited to see the cultural movement toward being more environmentally conscious, green home design and remodeling is a trend that’s here to stay and our team is excited to do our part!

    A part of this trend is the use of reclaimed materials. And for a lot of good reasons, as we have highlighted in the bathroom project above. By reusing the salvaged wood materials from the ‘old barn,’ the client was able to inject the home with their style and save some money.

    Best of all, construction refuse is kept out of landfills!

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