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    Pleasantville NY Bathroom Remodeling Company

    We are a full-service Westchester County-based bathroom remodeling and renovation team.

    Licensed, insured and proud to share local references!

    Have you been thinking about remodeling your home’s bathroom, turning it into a relaxing oasis, or updating it and optimizing its functionality? Together we can plan and execute a total or partial bathroom remodeling project to upgrade your bathroom or completely revolutionize it.

    Few local bathroom remodeling teams can compete with our depth of experience or dedication to client satisfaction. We are proud to be known locally for our impeccable craft and execution, as well as our commitment to project schedules and budgets.

    We are excited to connect with any homeowner considering a bathroom remodeling project. We honestly love what we do! Window shoppers welcome!

    Our talented team of local bathroom remodeling experts can help transform even the most mundane bathroom into a luxurious spa-like environment. We are skilled, dedicated, and experienced. We can help with bathrooms of all sizes, from small wash closets to grandmaster bathrooms; and everything in between.

    Bathroom Remodeling NY

    Pleasantville NY Bathroom Remodeling - from Simple to Stunning

    Our bathroom remodeling team takes customer service seriously. We work to provide truly personalized remodeling service. We believe that the best bathroom remodeling project result can only be achieved through open, honest communication between the contractor and customer from the first day of planning through to the final day of construction.

    Only you know how you use your bathroom, we understand every individual and family is different, and your bathroom should be designed to meet your needs. 

    Our team will help as we can and provide an expert voice and guidance throughout the planning phase. Together we will plan and construct the right bathroom for your home, budget, and usage.

    Bathroom remodeling projects range in size and scope, and that’s what keeps our work so exciting. We generally enjoy building and watching projects take shape and transform spaces. We can help with bathrooms of all types and sizes; we can help add a bathroom, creating a minimalist, practical washroom, or a spa-like sanctuaries. The best part is, no matter which direction your bathroom remodeling project heads, it will add value to your home.

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      Westchester Bathrooms

      A bathroom remodel can not only create new and exciting home details, but it can also bring a sanctuary of peace and calm into your home and day to day life. A functional, attractive, modern bathroom will serve you and your family while adding value to your home and property.

      Pleasantville is a great area with so much to offer. It has one of the top-rated school district’s in Westchester county. It is filled with amazing homes with varied architecture. The Rockefeller State Park Preserve has acres of trails to be explored. Don’t forget to check out the Usonia Historic District where you can witness modern architecture at its finest. Pleasantville is lovely and we hope you visit soon!

      At Westchester Bathroom Remodeling, we are proud to serve to homeowners of Pleasantville with true concierge-type service applied to modern bathroom remodeling.

      We do it all and we do it well. As one of Westchester’s most accomplished bathroom remodeling teams, we have a long list of customers we invite you to call on to learn about us, our service and the value we bring our customers.

      Pleasantville NY Bathroom Remodeling

      ardsley ny bathroom remodeling We offer Pleasantville NY homeowners bathroom remodeling and custom refinishing services you can’t find with any other local team. We provide a free no-obligation estimate, complimentary consultation, and expert advice.

      Unlike other rooms in the house, a bathroom remodeling or renovation project can take many forms. A bathroom renovation can be as simple as replacing the sink or as extravagant as an actual home improvement or even home addition project, which works to increase your bathrooms size and overall footprint. For example, we often help homeowners add new showers or oversized bathtubs. These projects could be one-offs or they could be part of a more significant endeavor.

      We’ll work together as a team through the three main steps of the process: design, material selection, and installation. Even once your project is done – if anything is not right – give us a call. We are working for you and aim to exceed your expectations.

      Local Bathroom Remodeling Company

      ardsley ny bathroom remodeling

      Modern bathrooms have a few jobs, gone are the days where a bathroom can pass just being functional, homeowners in Westchester are looking to make their bathroom a relaxing, soothing, spa-like environment where they can unwind and relax.

      After the day is over many homeowners relish the opportunity to retreat into their bathroom at home and enjoy personalized amenities like a deep soaking tub, a whirlpool bath, a large custom shower, custom lighting, customized vanity cabinets, countertops, skylights or heated flooring.

      Our Westchester bathroom remodeling company includes; interior designers, construction professionals, and architects to ensure your bathroom renovation can go in any direction you choose. 

      Look to our team to provide a complete solution we provide from remodeling material selection to ordering; through to installation and finishing. All bathroom elements are part of the offering we bring to the table from fixture selection to cabinets to tile, including structural construction we are your bathroom remodeling partner.

      Westchester Bathrooms | Steps of a Bathroom Remodel

      No matter the size or scope of your project each job we take on starts the same way. We sit down together and have a project design consultation.

      Phase I: Design Consultation

      In our design phase, your bathroom remodeling project will start to take shape. Together we will sit down with our professional designers who will help you visualize your new space. Once we have all agreed how the space will look, feel and function, we can get to work.

      Phase II: Materials Selection

      During this phase, we take our measurements of the space, create mockups and provide a digital model of your new bathroom. Then we get to work selecting materials, textures and tile.

      When it comes to choosing the materials for your bathroom remodel, we use only the finest quality products selected to match both your budget and personal style.

      Phase III: Demolition and Removal

      Most people don’t consider the demolition step of a bathroom remodel because it is not as fun and glamorous as some of the other design and construction phases, but it is essential to the job overall. Of course, the job site will be kept clean and tidy through each phase (demo included)!

      We work with an internal demolition company that allows us to control costs for demolition and we pass these savings right on to you!

      Phase IIII: Construction

      You’ll have the peace of mind of working closely with our project managers at every step to make sure your bathroom renovation goes smoothly and finishes on time.

      This is when we get to work and make any structural revisions planned, install the new materials (wall coverings), appliances, flooring and get all the plumbing and electrical work completed before finishing.

      Phase IV: Final Walk-Through (Finishing)

      Our final walkthrough can be described as the final inspection of your bathroom prior to project-sign off. During our walkthrough, we will go over each element of the project to ensure it meets if not exceeds your personal expectations.

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      • Connecticut: Entire state of Connecticut including Fairfield County. LIC # HIC.0642186
      • Westchester County Westchester LIC # WC-26947-H14v
      • Westchester Lic is WC-26947-H14.

      Pleasantville, NY Bathroom Remodeling Company